We envision a world where International Psychology research and practice promotes transformative ideas, motivates new collaborations and inspires innovative solutions to local and global challenges.  


Our mission is to promote the use of International Psychology to maximize human and organizational health and help individuals, organizations and systems to use the principles of International Psychology to improve their policies, practices and day-to-day operations. 


  1. Promoting intercultural contact, sharing and exchange   
  2. Utilizing context and culture as incredibly powerful teachers and influencers  
  3. Embracing empathy as a critical source of human and social knowledge  
  4. Promoting cultural humility, mutuality, shared power and collaboration  
  5. Encouraging liberating and participatory research  
  6. Amplifying the voices of marginalized and oppressed populations 
  7. Utilizing evidence-based and innovative practices  
  8. Promoting cultural competence and intelligence as ongoing developmental processes  
  9. Embracing respect and reciprocity  
  10. Promoting human and organizational capacity building 


Winners of APA Div52 Video Contest 2016

The mission of Division 52 is to establish and develop a psychological science and practice that is contextually informed, culturally inclusive, serves the public interest, and promotes global perspectives within and outside of APA. Because we believe in and support the vision set forth by Division 52, we highlight the many issues that can be addressed and impacted by International Psychologists and Division 52 including violence against women and girls, children’s health, poverty, immigration, and intergroup conflict. We show how Division 52 offers access to critical global work and transformation through international connections, cultural collaborations, and multicultural research and practice.