Linc offers a variety of live and web-based trainings, lectures and workshops on the theory and practice of International Psychology. Formal curricula can be modified to meet each organization’s unique needs and interests. Training topics include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Diversity Awareness   
  • Inter-cultural Team-Building Skills  
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Knowledge of Global and International Ethics  
  • Culturally Relevant Evaluation Methods  
  • Culturally Responsible Social Marketing Techniques  
  • Human Rights Protection & Advocacy  
  • Resilience Skills Training  

Selected training titles: 

  • International Psychology: What is it and Why is it Important? 
  • Transforming your Organization Using the Principles of International Psychology  
  • Using the Principles of International Psychology to Grow Corporate Responsibility  
  • Culturally Responsive Approaches to Trauma-informed Care  
  • Understanding and Applying an Intersectionality Framework  
  • Culturally Responsive Policy and Practice


LINC provides onsite and web-based consultation and support to agencies and organizations, including:


  • Technical assistance (short- and long-term)  
  • Strategic planning  
  • Organizational assessment and evaluation 
  • Program design and implementation 
  • Leadership and staff development 
  • Research (e.g., process, outcome) 
  • Clinical intervention support 



LINC conducts research with and for organizations - qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods - that is anchored in the principles of International Psychology. 



  • Psychologist, mental/behavioral health professionals, and lay workers
  • Social service agencies
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Government entities
  • Neighborhoods, communities, villages
  • Universities, colleges and institutes of Higher Education
  • Businesses and corporations