Founder Bio

Karen Brown, PhD

 Karen B. Brown is an all-around performer who has demonstrated focused leadership and unwavering commitment to integrity at the highest levels of academia and her career choices. She holds a B.S. in Life Sciences from Kansas State University, an M.A. in Forensic Psychology and a PhD in International Psychology, both from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Karen has worked as a laboratory technician for the University of Oklahoma Medical School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and after two years, joined the United States Army as a Combat Medic. She spent the next twenty-six years honing her skills as a Combat Medic. Karen participated in Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm and provided direct support for Operation Noble Eagle, and Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. She also provided direct and indirect support to units deployed across the globe during the Global War on Terrorism. During that time, she completed her Master’s and Doctorate’s programs, both with a 4.0 grade point average. She continues to push for academic excellence by providing professional mentorship to PhD students and candidates. 

Karen has experience facilitating groups as an equal opportunity representative, a consideration of others facilitator, and a peer mentor/counselor. She has been instrumental in coordinating with several different entities and organizations to seamlessly develop sustainable products and services that are beneficial to all parties involved. She provided support to five major Army Command elements ensuring that all missions were accomplished with 100% compliance to all standards and regulatory guidelines. 

Karen exemplified her team building skills by being chosen to lead an organization of 272 employees, a position normally held by more senior supervisors. Operating in this position, she was able to organize, coordinate, synchronize, and supervise training plans that created a cohesive team that was acknowledged by The United States Army’s elite 18th Airborne Corps Command Team. During her time as a training supervisor, Karen was selected to lead a team to coordinate training for units deploying in support of the Global War on Terrorism. She was given ninety days to form a team, coordinate, and conduct training for over 3,200 Soldiers over a six-month period. Despite the team being from twelve different units, Karen was able to establish roles and responsibilities for each team member according to their strengths within half the allotted time. Her team received several awards for their ability to effectively train all units assigned to them. All units trained by her team received first-time approvals on all critical training modules allowing them to complete all required deployment training two weeks sooner than all other units assigned to other teams. Following that assignment, Karen was transferred to a senior supervisor position and flawlessly integrated over 150 employees into an existing team with minimal disruption and no mission degradation. 

Karen gained extensive experience with organizational change management throughout her career in the military. She was constantly recognized and awarded for her ability to clearly grasp, simplify, solve, and convey complex concepts under dynamic and high-stress conditions. Her ability to accomplish the mission despite rapidly changing guidelines was commended by Command level staff. Notably, in a six-month period, she reorganized an entire deployment/re-deployment platform which improved procedural operations, streamlined individual systems, and decreased processing time which led to a 40% increase in critical performance measures. She employed her training as a senior staff member to revamp information systems that provided pertinent and actionable data significantly improving visibility of the overall organization for senior staff members.

Karen is adept at leading process improvement teams and was successful in implementing several programs that saved the organization over $175,000 in overtime expenses. Karen has experience in medical planning, medical operations, and ensuring operational readiness. Additional experience includes conducting mission analysis briefs, providing operational guidance for overseas personnel, analyzing operational and fragmentary orders, revising standard operating procedures as needed, and publishing supporting orders that reflect senior command guidance.

Karen is a past President of her local Toastmaster’s Club, volunteers as a mentor for Ladies of Eminence, a non-profit organization providing moral support, mentorship, and career advice to young ladies, and is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA); Division 52, APA’s International Psychology division; International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP), and the Okaloosa County NAACP.